The Vision

its about impartation, not just an experience…
it’s about expansion, not just exposure…
it’s about reality, not just a concept… 

The purpose of this conference is to inspire worship & missions in the body of Christ!

“Hope does not disappoint!” (Romans 5:5). Hanging on the cross, Jesus said “It is finished,” and it was. Salvation and redemption is now available to all, and the Father’s love was displayed in the most beautiful and depictive way. Even though it was finished, the real adventure had just began. Now, Jesus would build His Church and not even the gates of hell can prevail against it. And today? Today, we have an unprecedented increase of believers all over the world. We need to know that in spite of what we might see on the news, God is winning in the nations today. He’s gathering His people, drawing hearts to Himself, and sparking the fire of revival all over the world. That is inspirational and creates hope in us. He is winning. At the INSPIRE conference we want to connect our lives with Christ’s victory and allow the Holy Spirit to fuel our hearts with this hope that does not disappoint. We want to enter His presence, enjoy His greatness, and engage with His purposes.

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What is It About

It’s about impartation, not just an experience. It’s about impartation, not just an experience.[/headline] We want to see the Holy Spirit impart a real passion for His presence and His kingdom. His glory is most released when His presence is most adored. At INSPIRE we’re going to hear exciting reports about God’s activity in the nations that you will never hear on the news media. The result will be renewed hope and excitement about partnering with this winning God .

It’s about expansion, not just exposure. It’s one thing to go to a conference and be exposed to what’s happening in the world today; but it’s another to actually do something about it. At INSPIRE we want to see real expansion, networking, kingdom-building, and lasting results take place. Worship truly is the fuel for missions.

It’s about reality, not just a concept. So often Christianity is just a nice conceptual idea for people. Today, more than ever, it is crucial to live an authentic and all-encompassing Christianity. God is real and He really is winning. At INSPIRE we pray that concepts would become reality.

 We will have seasoned missionaries, pioneers, pastors, and worship leaders with us who will not only lead us into the presence of Jesus, but will also help us see that God is truly winning in the nations of the world today. That realization will fuel our individual worship and our engagement in world missions in a passionate and intentional way. The INSPIRE Worship and Missions Conference does not provide practical or technical training in the area of musical worship or audio and visual presentations. We invite not just pastors or worship musicians to this conference. This is a conference for worshipers who would like to be inspired afresh and anew by the reality of God’s activity in the nations of the world today. The sessions are set up accordingly with musical worship, teachings, workshop and networking sessions, and response times.

Countdown to INSPIRE

    What To Expect


    General Session I – 7:00pm

    General Session II – 9:00am
    General Session III – 11:00am
    Hope in Action Outreach – 2:00pm
    General Session IV – 7:00pm


    • Inspirational teachings, worship, and ministry times
    • We will hear from seasoned missionaries and worship leaders
    • We will gain insight into God’s activity in the world today
    • There will be workshops and breakout sessions on missions, urbanization, arts, worship, and God’s answer to human trafficking
    • Hope in action community outreaches planned for Saturday afternoon
    • This conference is FREE. Love offerings will be taken
    • Childcare available (0-5yrs) Mission Adventure (ages 6-12)
    • We offer translation for our Spanish speaking friends (on first-come, first-served basis)
    • The conference will begin Friday evening, March 3 @ 7pm, and end officially Saturday evening after the final session (approx. 10pm)

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