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The Vision

its about impartation, not just an experience…
it’s about expansion, not just exposure…
it’s about reality, not just a concept… 

The purpose of this conference is to inspire worship & missions in the body of Christ!

“Hope does not disappoint” (Romans 5:5)! Hanging on the cross, Jesus said, “It is finished,” and it was. Salvation and redemption are now available to all. The Father’s love was displayed in the most beautiful and depictive way. Even though it was finished, the real adventure had just began. Jesus told the disciples that He would build His Church and not even the gates of hell could prevail against it. …And today? Today, we have an unprecedented increase of believers all over the world. We need to know that in spite of what we might see on the news, God is winning in the nations today. He’s gathering His people, drawing hearts to Himself, and sparking the fire of revival all over the world. That is inspirational and creates hope in us. He is winning. At the INSPIRE Conference we want to connect our lives with Christ’s victory and allow the Holy Spirit to fuel our hearts with this hope that does not disappoint. We want to enter His presence, enjoy His greatness, and engage with His purposes.

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What is It About?

It’s about impartation, not just an experience. We want to see the Holy Spirit impart a passion for God’s presence and His kingdom. God’s glory is most released when His presence is most adored. At INSPIRE we’re going to hear exciting reports about God’s activity in the nations that you will never hear on the news media. The result will be renewed hope and excitement about partnering with this winning God.

It’s about expansion, not just exposure. It’s one thing to go to a conference and be exposed to what’s happening in the world today; but it’s another to actually do something about it. At INSPIRE we want to see real expansion, networking, and kingdom-building, where lasting results take place. Worship truly is the fuel for missions.

It’s about reality, not just a concept. So often Christianity is just a nice conceptual idea for people. Today, more than ever, it is crucial to live authentic Christian lives. God is real and He really is winning. At INSPIRE we pray that this concept would become a reality. He is coming back to rule and reign and to be united with His Bride.

Joining us for the 2017 Inspire Worship and Missions conference will be seasoned missionaries, pioneers, and worship leaders, who will not only lead us into the presence of Jesus, but will also help us see that God is truly winning in the nations of the world today. That realization will fuel our individual worship and our engagement in world missions in a passionate and intentional way. 

The INSPIRE worship and missions conference does not provide practical or technical training in the area of musical worship or audio and visual presentations. We invite not just pastors or worship musicians to this conference. This is a conference for worshipers who would like to be inspired afresh and anew by the reality of God’s activity in the nations of the world today. The sessions are set up accordingly with musical worship, teachings, workshop and networking sessions, and response times.

What To Expect


Welcome Village – 5:30 pm
General Session I – 7:00 pm

General Session II – 9:00 am
General Session III – 11:00 am
Optional Hope in Action Outreach – 2:00 pm
Optional Workshops – 2:00 pm
General Session IV – 7:00 pm

  • Inspirational teachings, worship, and ministry times from seasoned missionaries and worship leaders
  • Worship with Jonas Park and Laura Hackett-Park from IHOP-KC
  • Great and insightful breakout sessions will be offered Saturday morning. Participants can choose two (see below for options).
  • Optional Hope in Action community outreaches and workshops are planned for Saturday afternoon
  • This conference is FREE. Love offerings will be taken
  • Mission Adventure Track for ages K-8th grade for the Saturday morning sessions
  • We offer translation for our Spanish speaking friends (on first-come, first-served basis)
  • The conference will begin Friday evening, March 3 @ 7pm, and conclude Saturday evening
  • Come EARLY! Our Festival of Hope Welcome Village opens at 5:30 p.m. on Friday

Hope in Action Ministry Opportunities
Saturday afternoon, March 4, 2:00 pm


An opportunity to Touch Lives!


Community Outreaches

Enchanted Lakes, – Pastor Tim Letsch

Put Hope into Action by reaching out to some of the residents living in the Enchanted Lake Community. Through prayer, acts of kindness and Christian love, demonstrate the love and hope of the Gospel to those who are hurting by acts of kindness, such as, landscaping, clean-up, and prayer walks.


Additional Community Outreaches

Put Hope into Action in Tyler, Lindale and Van by participating in Medical Missions, Bible distribution, Mission Building Projects, and Nursing Home Ministries with the following organizations and ministries:


  • Bethesda Church in Lindale
  • Mercy Ships Medical Missions in Lindale
  • Living Alternative Ministries in Lindale
  • Nursing Home Ministry in East Texas
  • Dayspring Campus Ministry in Tyler
  • The City of Lindale
  • The City of Vans


Note: During the first evening of the Inspire conference you will receive more information about the Saturday afternoon ministry options. At that time you will have the opportunity to choose the specific outreach in which you would like to participate. It will be a great opportunity to spend a couple of hours giving back East Texas community by demonstrating God’s love in a tangible way.


Saturday Afternoon Workshops
Saturday, March 4, 2:00 pm


Hope and Life & MinistryPastor Chris Liotta, Pastor of Rivergate Church

Pastor Chris Liotta brings unique insights to your questions about living a life of hope in ministry.


Hope and the 20/20 Vision – Chris Lascelles, YWAM Tyler executive leadership team member.

America’s challenge and call to be a “stepping stone for taking the Gospel to the remote parts of the earth” is still alive and well today.


Hope and Ending Bible Poverty – Josh Sinke- Worship Leader & Alive Mobile Team Leader

The vision of End Bible Poverty Now, is to make the Bible accessible to every home in their native tongue by 2033.

Inspire is Family Friendly!


Friday night’s session will be an engaging time of worship and drama presentations that are appropriate for everyone. We invite children of all ages to join their families. (There will be a short teaching of approx. 20mins)

Saturday morning – While parents continue to be inspired in the main session and workshops, children K- 8th grade will have their own opportunity to be engaged with God during our Mission Adventure kids track. Infants and preschoolers are welcome in the main session with their parents.

Saturday afternoon and evening- We encourage families to participate in the afternoon outreaches together as well as our closing time of worship. We hope your family will experience together what Inspire has to offer!

Saturday Breakout Sessions

Hope and Human and Trafficking

Kenny and Julie Rigsby
(Co-Founders and Executive Directors of For The Silent)

For the Silent works to bring hope to teens silenced by sex trafficking and exploitation in the United States through prevention, intervention and community mobilization programs. Kenny and Julie will give us insight into God’s activity in the midst of the dark places of human trafficking. There is hope!

Hope and the Refugee Crisis

Debbie Lascelles
(YWAM Tyler Director of Mercy Works)

God is mightily at work today in the lives of refugees in Europe and other parts of the world! Come hear how YWAM’s MercyWorks is involved and how you can be too.

Hope and the Kingdom of God

Pastor Chris Liotta
(Pastor of Rivergate Church)

How can we live the hope we find in the kingdom of God in our everyday lives? The nature of God alive within us, is now the hope of the Kingdom Age flowing through us. Pastor Chris will give us insight into the power of God and His unfailing hope in our daily lives.

Hope and the Urban Life

Brad Stanley
(YWAM Tyler Satellite Urban Initiatives Director)
Rodger Kistler
(YWAM Tyler Urban DTS Leader)

Every people group on the earth is moving to cities at an unprecedented rate. With this phenomon pressed upon the human story, we have great hope in what the Lord is doing to both access the unreached and equip a generation not threatened by densification or diversity. Brad Stanley and Rodger Kistler have helped to disciple this urban generation in missional lifestyle for several years and will share the excitement of what the Lord is doing on the earth through urbanization.

Hope and the Power of Worship

Josh Langer
(YWAM Tyler School of Worship Leader)

Psalm 89:15 states, “How blessed are the people who know the joyful sound!” The sound we make in worship matters. How can we continue to release joyful and hopeful sounds as His Church, so that the nations hear of our beautiful God? Josh will give us insight of how powerful the sound of worship really is.

Hope and the Young Generation

Wes Chapman
(YWAM Tyler SST International Leader)

Many people look at Millennials and Gen Y and wonder how they can and will contribute. We will be looking at how we feel God has equipped these generations with specific gifts that are meant to help bind us together as the Church in this time. We will also explore practical ways that we can invest in these generations, empowering them to bring great hope.

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