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“Hope does not disappoint!” (Romans 5:5).

Hanging on the cross, Jesus said “It is finished,” and it was. Salvation and redemption is now available to all, and the Father’s love was displayed in the most beautiful and depictive way. Even though it was finished, the real adventure had just began. Now, Jesus would build His Church and not even the gates of hell can prevail against it. 

And today? Today, we have an unprecedented increase of believers all over the world. We need to know that in spite of what we might see on the news, God is winning in the nations today. He’s gathering His people, drawing hearts to Himself, and sparking the fire of revival all over the world. That is inspirational and creates hope in us. He is winning. 

At the INSPIRE conference we want to connect our lives with Christ’s victory and allow the Holy Spirit to fuel our hearts with this hope that does not disappoint. We want to enter His presence, enjoy His greatness, and engage with His purposes.